Project: Private Residence

Location: Waterford, Ireland

Sector: Architecture & Design

Project: Private hillside residence overlooking the Atlantic Ocean


  1. Architecture
  2. Interior Design
  3. Landscaping
  4. Planning

This new 5-bed house located in Waterford, Southeast Ireland has spectacular elevated views over Whiting Bay and along the Atlantic Coast. The location itself is nestled into the hillside at the foot of a large forest.

The house was designed to take advantage of the amazing 360 panoramic views through balconies to 3 sides. The house utilizes glazing to its fullest potential offering a giant aperture from the kitchen, living and dining space looking out to the sea. The structure had to maintain a traditional form while working with a unique diamond-shaped plot. We stripped back the local vernacular to its simplest form, removing any unnecessary details while embedding all the drainpipes into the framework of the building to keep a clean minimalist aesthetic. The client wanted a design to reflect their inside/out lifestyle, so a space was created that flows naturally from the living/dining space onto an elevated deck that continues into the large gardens, enticing the family and guests to take advantage of the outdoor space. The homes’ family bedrooms all avail of ocean-facing balconies to take advantage of the vista.

The building consists of 2 traditional forms that run in parallel to the site perimeter and intersect via a stone atrium which houses a modernist oak stairway. The interior was kept clean, simple and refined, resin and oak floors throughout as not to distract from the sense of calm and peacefulness the house strives to achieve.

A perfect place to relax, immersed in nature’s unspoilt beauty.

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