Project: Fourth Wall

Sector: Construction, Design & Architecture

Reimagining a building consultancy that represents the future of construction industry

Project: Brands Identity, Brand Strategy & Digital Design


  1. Business Strategy
  2. Branding & Identity
  3. Website Design


Launch website

The brief was to create a unique identity for a pioneering building surveying specialist that delivers modern, efficient and seamless client service. Their purpose is to re-imagine the way building surveying services are delivered and articulate the value it brings to their client’s lives.

To stand out, the founder wanted to take an entirely different approach to the whole process of residential and commercial building consultancy. Being transparent in this field is something not altogether common. With residential surveying and consultancy comes trepidation – a fear of the unknown; a wall between the customer and the process. A Fourth Wall.

The concept is based around an imaginary wall that separated the story from the real world in theatres and movies where the character openly communicates and connect with the audience directly to elevate the narrative, it builds trust, communicates vital information and evokes deeper emotions within the audience.

To complement the name, we wanted to create a unique logo marque to represent a three-walled architectural form. Its climbing structure renders a scene of a fourth wall being breached. A line, running in parallel to the incline strikes through this invisible fourth wall symbolizing our professionalism, openness and trajectory towards a new type of service.

Our ‘Strike through’ device is what breaks through the fourth wall. It raises upwards in a positive direction and is a subtle reminder of our values and how we constantly strive to set new industry standards. This is a stamp overlaid onto projects that the Fourth Wall building consultancy made happen.


A whole new way to look at buildings


The Impact

The business has seen considerable growth during what has been a difficult trading period for the industry.
Plans are now underway to recruit further and double the size of the business within the coming months.



We worked with The Studio of Possible to craft Fourth Wall Building Consultancy’s visual identity, brand strategy and digital design as we look to represent the future of building surveying. We’re a young company, with ambitions to re-imagine the way building surveying services are understood and delivered, and we felt the values and purpose of The Studio of Possible aligned closely with our vision and desires for the future of our business. This was proved true as soon as we had our first conversation with Séamus, who developed a unique brand strategy that reflects our enthusiasm, passion and fresh approach to looking at the property and construction industry. We’ve already seen an incredibly positive response to our brand identity and the quality of our website, and as we look to the future, having a fantastic brand gives us the strong foundations to build our business. We’re incredibly pleased with the work produced and the constant support and guidance offered to us from The Studio of Possible, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Séamus and his team. They really helped hone our vision, develop our ideas and build our brand.

Joshua Weston

Director + Founder

Fourth Wall Building Consultancy

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